Since 2006, KD3 Design Studio has offered a multi-discipline approach to architectural designs, delivering exceptional results to a vast array of commercial clients. With the experience of having designed hundreds of buildings over the careers of our principals and staff, KD3 is well-versed to bring customized full-service architectural services to clients for building projects of most types.

KD3 practices architecture, the art form that poetically and concretely integrates form, function, space, light and many other factors into the design and the construction of a successful structure.  Every project is unique; as such, KD3 brings an open mind and curiosity in order to bring a fresh perspective to the design for each of our client’s distinctive projects.

Our services are tailored to each client’s needs, from hourly consulting to full-service packages, including the assembly of an entire specialized design team of engineers and consultants that encompasses all of the disciplines essential to responding to the design needs of the distinct intricacies of each project.

Sustainable Design

“Despite a 14% increase in total buildings and a 22% increase in total floor space since 2003, energy use in the estimated 5.6 million U.S. commercial buildings was up just 7% during the same period, according to analysis from the 2012 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS). Slower growth in commercial building energy demand since 2003 is explained in part by newer construction that is built to higher energy performance standards” – as published in a report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration

KD3 Design Studio started as a vision of two architects, Dale R. Hair and Kurt M. Oravecz, whom shared a strong passion for green or sustainable design, to create a practice that would deliver sustainable designs that maximize the commercial potential of projects while minimizing the detrimental impact of buildings on our environment.

The company was founded with, and has been practicing with, that vision in place since September of 2006. At that time, Dale had already earned his LEED AP credential in 2002 and was the acting Chairman of the Board of the Green Building Association of Central PA. Kurt went on to receive his LEED AP credentials in 2009. Since then, the firm has assisted in the certification of LEED projects, been awarded with several green building design awards, and continues to bring an appropriate level of sustainable design to each project, whether to enhance energy performance, improve indoor air quality, minimize unfavorable environmental impact during the construction process, or any of the other multitudes of benefits that can be realized by sustainable design. Build a green and brighter future with KD3 by your side.

Interior Design

KD3 Design Studio is not only a full-service architectural firm, but it also provides full interior design services. We are designers, artists and creatives that believe the design of interior finishes and furnishings are as important as the design of the building shells in which they are housed.

It’s the interior design that often makes a building that much more useful to a building’s occupants. The furniture, realized in the form of shape and user interface, enhances actual functioning within a space while the interior aesthetics, in the form of color, texture, pattern and lighting, bring an ambience or feeling to a space that can further enrich the occupant’s experience.

We coordinate our client’s wishes with a customized collage of materials, textiles, finishes, lighting, artwork, accessories, etc., that are needed to bring the desired effect to each of our projects.

In the same manner that we approach our architectural services, every project is unique and we engage with keen interest, open minds and lack of preconceived ideas in order to bring a fresh perspective to the cultivation of exceptional solutions for each of our client’s distinctive projects.